12 - NIP 




24 - PPSC

26 - NPAP






12-13 - Anger, Aggression and Violence (int'l conference); Natl Anger Management Assoc.

12-15 - The Art of Listening: Psychoanalytic Transformations (conference); AAPCSW

13 - From Primitive Fears to the Illusory and Very Real Safety of Metaphor (presentation, Josie Oppenheim, LP, NCPsyA); NPAP

18 - Michael Balint and the Basic Fault (salon meeting, Jay Frankel); 27 Rue de Fleurus/CFS

19 - Inside the Creative Process: A Live Demonstration (conversation); NIP

21 - Symposium 2015: Brain, Mind, and Body (symposium);

22 - Therapeutic Logjams: History as Avoidance (focus seminar); NIP

26 - I Think Therefore I Am Not Alone: Relational Functions of Obsessional Thinking in the Treatment of a Child (presentation); Inst. for the Psychoanalytic Study of Subjectivity

28 - Ghosts in the 21st Century Consulting Room, in the Community and in Culture (workshops); Sandor Ferenczi Center

28 - Body/Mind Integration: An Antigravity Yoga/Expressive Analysis Seminar; IEA

29 - "Can You See Me?" Difference in the Clinical Encounter (roundtable); IPTAR




12 - Sabina Spielrein: Sideshow & Sex Object or Highly Original Thinker? (visiting scholar evening with Dr. John Launer, Tavistock Clinic); NPAP

19 - WSI 39th Annual Scientific Conference: Is There a Psychoanalytic Response to Terorism? WSI

24 - The Dyads & the Triad: A Couple's Psychotherapy (case presentation); NIP

26 - "When a Tie is More Than a Tie": Toward Bridging Self & Relational Views of Therapeutic Action (focus seminar); NIP 



1 - Interpretation: Freud's Specific or Relevant Action, and Klein's Point of Urgency (presentation); UPMS

2 - Interpretation or Internalization: The Analyst's Role in Therapeutic Action (scientific meeting); WNEIP

9 - Privacy Matters: Secrecy & Disclosure in the Analytic Relationship (annual conference); NIP

8 - Challenging the Success-Failure Polarity in Self Psychological Practice (workshop); TRISP Foundation

14 - When the Good Enough Mother is Not the Right Mother: Parenting in Adoption (seminar); NIP