20 - CMPS

21 - CFS



24 - Contemporary Freudian Society (contact Susan Siegeltuch)

28 - IPE







14-18 - APsaA National Meeting

14-18 - Authority, Role, and Organization: Exploring Leadership & Accountability in a Globalized World (conference); Center for the Study of Groups and Social Systems

15 - An Introduction to Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor for the Treatment of Trauma (integrative trauma colloquium); NIP

23 - "The Transference-Countertransference Neurosis": An Intersubjective, Self-Psychological Perspective (workshop); TRISP Foundation


4-7 - Networks, Connectivity, and Neuropsychology (conference); International Neuropsychological Society

6 - The Psychotherapy of a Delusional Adolescent (case presentation); NIP

7 -"The Skin I Live In" (film & discussion); IPE

8 - Creativity & Psychoanalysis: An Elegant Adaptation (focus seminar); NIP

12 - Paths to Private Practice (workshop, free); NIP

20 - The Shame of Absence (workshop); TRISP Foundation

26 - When Love is a Battlefield: Working with Trauma in the Dyad (integrative trauma colloquium); NIP



6 -The Creative Couple: Enhancing the Creative Potential of Self Psychological Therapy (workshop); TRISP Foundation

7 - Working with Defenses Using Experiential Therapies - EMDR, SE & IFS (integrative trauma colloquium); NIP

7 - What Will Neuropsychoanalysis Do For Psychoanalysis--Or To It? (scientific meeting); IPE

12-13 - Anger, Aggression and Violence (int'l conference); Natl Anger Management Assoc.

12-15 - The Art of Listening: Psychoanalytic Transformations (conference); AAPCSW

22 - Therapeutic Logjams: History as Avoidance (focus seminar); NIP



24 - The Dyads & the Triad: A Couple's Psychotherapy (case presentation); NIP

26 - "When a Tie is More Than a Tie": Toward Bridging Self & Relational Views of Therapeutic Action (focus seminar); NIP 



2 -Interpretation or Internalization: The Analyst's Role in Therapeutic Action (scientific meeting); WNEIP

8 - Challenging the Success-Failure Polarity in Self Psychological Practice (workshop); TRISP Foundation

14 - When the Good Enough Mother is Not the Right Mother: Parenting in Adoption (seminar); NIP