7 - NJI 

30 - CMPS



28 - CMPS



25 - CMPS



9 - CMPS



20 - CMPS




25-29 - Psychotherapy Meets Africa (conference); World Council for Psychotherapy



11-14 - The Journey That is a Life: Understanding the Archetypal Patterns that Shape Our Lives (conference); Assisi Institute

12-13 - 1st International Symposium on Relational Research & 1st TAOS Institute Europe Summit

17-19 - Psychoanalysis, Trauma and Severe Mental Disorders (8th international forum); IFPS

19-20 - On the Subject of Psychiatry and the Subject of Psychoanalysis (colloquium); Après-Coup

27-9/1 - European Victims and Perpetrators Now and Then (conference); Partners in Confronting Collective Atrocities



1-2 - New York Council on Problem Gambling (annual conference); NYCPG

5-7 - Building Capacity in Mental Health During Challenging Economic Times (conference); Pacific Rim College of Psychiatrists

6 - To Have and To Hold: The Compulsive Hoarder (breakfast seminar); CMPS

9-12 - Psychoanalysis on Ice (conference)

10 - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Modern Psychoanalysis (group conversation); CMPS

10-13 - 3rd Annual Conference-International Society for Transference-Focused Psychotherapy

11-12 - Myths of the Mighty Woman: What makes A Woman? (conference); Committee on Women and Psychoanalysis of the IPA 

24 - Seducing Unbelievers: Psychoanalytic Interventions in the Public Sphere (scientific paper); CMPS



2 - Neuroscience & the Brain's PLAY System: Implications for Adult and Child Treatment "Loving to Play, PLAYing to Love" (annual conference); NJI

6-8 - Necessary Fictions (annual conference); IFPE

6-9 - Expressive Therapies Summit (5th annual summit); Expressive Media Inc.

7 - "The Chairs" (play); CMPS

8 - The Role of Anxiety in Child & Adolescent Development: A Psychoanalytic Perspective (annual conference); CFS

14 - What's Love Got to Do With It? Exploring the Uses and Misuses of Love in the Countertransference (breakfast seminar); CMPS

14 - Forrest Bess: Art, Sex, and Madness (talk); CMPS

15 - Prejudice, Shame & Guilt: Emerging Possibilities (annual conference); NAAP 

21 - Lucia di Lammermoor—the Fragile Mind 'In Extremis'—A Multi-Media Opera Lecture; CMPS

21-22 - Bion's Clinical Seminars in Los Angeles and New York City (seminars); IPTAR



6 - Linking Motivation and Intervention in Modern Psychoanalytic Technique (annual conference); CMPS

7 - Battling the Life and Death Forces of Sadomasochism: Clinical Perspectives (case presentations & discussions); Contemporary Freudian Society

12 - Siblings of Schizophrenics: I Am My Brother's Keeper (scientific paper); CMPS

12-14 - International Society for Intelligence Reseach Annual Conference; ISIR

19 - Violence and Virginia Woolf: Grappling with the Root Causes of War (lecture); CMPS 




9 - Brain and Mind in Borderline and Related Conditions (group conversation); CMPS 


4-7 - Networks, Connectivity, and Neuropsychology (conference); International Neuropsychological Society