17 - Manhattan Institute for Psychoanalysis

18 - National Institute for the Psychotherapies

24 - Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Study Center

26 - New Jersey Institute for Training in Psychoanalysis

26 - National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis

30 - National Institute for the Psychotherapies




17 - IEA







17 - Into the Mind of the Analyst (colloquium with Steven Kuchuck, LCSW); NYU Kimmel Center

17 - Couples & Money (presentation); PPSC Annex

19 - Is There a Psychoanalytic Response to Terorism? (annual conference); WSI

23 - Beauty and the Ideal (presentation with Arlene Kramer, EdD); American Inst. for Psychoanalysis

24 - Finding Ourselves in the Selves of Others: Deepening Artistic Connections (workshop); National Academy Museum

24 - The Dyads & the Triad: A Couple's Psychotherapy (case presentation); NIP

26 - Ethics for the Advanced Practitioner I (workshop); NJI

26 - "When a Tie is More Than a Tie": Toward Bridging Self & Relational Views of Therapeutic Action (focus seminar); NIP 



1 - Interpretation: Freud's Specific or Relevant Action, and Klein's Point of Urgency (presentation); UPMS

2 - Interpretation or Internalization: The Analyst's Role in Therapeutic Action (scientific meeting); WNEIP

9 - Privacy Matters: Secrecy & Disclosure in the Analytic Relationship (annual conference); NIP

8 - Psychotherapy and Couples Counseling When Pornography is an Issue (presentation); PPSC Annex

8 - Challenging the Success-Failure Polarity in Self Psychological Practice (workshop); TRISP Foundation

14 - When the Good Enough Mother is Not the Right Mother: Parenting in Adoption (seminar); NIP

15 - The Color Blind: Talking and Not Talking about Race in Groups (discussion); Eastern Group Psychotherapy Society

29-30 - After the Storm: Psyche's Response to Trauma, Resilience and Healing (lectures/seminar); Assisi Institute; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



18-21 - After the Storm: A Weekend Conference on Trauma and Resilience; Assisi Institute



11-12 - Connecting II: Roads to Resilience (conference); ACAP

22-25 - IPA 49th Congress; IPA