17 - Integrative Trauma Program - NIP

26 - NIP

27 - PPSC

27 - IPTAR 

30 - Blanton-Peale Graduate Institute (BPI)



2 - MIP

13 - CMPS



10 - CMPS




15-5/20 - From Pathology to Expression (clinical supervisory series); Assisi Institute

17 - Dealing with Couples Issues When the "Presenting Problem" is a Child (workshop); NJI

19 - A Relational Psychoanalytic Approach to Couples Therapy (CE workshop); NIP

18 - The Interpersonal Field: History & Politics (lecture); William Alanson White Institute

22 - Psychotherapy Integration Program (information session); NIP

23 - The Value & Misuse of Forgiveness in Healing from Traumatic Bonds (2-part seminar); WSI

24 - Bodies in Dialogue: Empathic Connectedness in the Realm of the Unspeakable (scientific meeting); AIP

25 - Playing at All Ages: Lessons from Child Work for Difficult Adult Patients (workshop); PPSC

25 - Thinking Queer Knowledge With and Without Foucault (presentation); PPSC

25 - Taking Care of Body & Mind (workshop); ACAP

26 - Shame, Desire and Compassion (workshop); The Gestalt Center for Psychotherapy and Training

27 - There's No Place Like Home? Was Dorothy Being Ironic? (seminar); NIP 

27 - Psychoanalysis and the Capacity for Change in Later Life (open discussion); IPS

27 - Ethics for the Experienced Practitioner; Understanding Narcissism; From Mud to Kings...and Back (CEU workshops); NJI

30 - The Value & Misuse of Forgiveness in Healing from Traumatic Bonds (2-part seminar); WSI


1-3 - Psychodynamic Therapy 75 Years After Freud (conference); American Academy of Psychoanalysis & Dynamic Psychiatry

1, 8, 15 - Integrating Relational Psychoanalysis with DBT & Mindfulness: Expanding How We Work with Affect, Self-Injury, Trauma & Suicide (seminar); The Stephen Mitchell Center for Relational Studies

2 - Clinical Implications of the Psychoanalyst's Life Experience: When the Personal Becomes Professional (book celebration); NIP

2 - Memory Embodiment: Affecting the Past Without Changing the Facts; NYU Postdoc Program in Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis

3 - IDFest 2014: An Evening of Comedy, Wine & Dessert; Center for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis of NJ

3 - Flight of the Ibis: Muslims, Jews and Christians in 10th Century Cordoba (staged reading with music & dance); Alan Roland, playwright. 516-472-2977

8 - Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Somatic Experiencing: When Words are Not Enough (trauma colloquium); NIP

9-10 - Enlightening Conversations : Opportunities and Obstacles in Human Awakening (conference); Spring Journal & the Tricycle Foundation

10 - The Immigrant in the Consulting Room (annual conference); NIP

18 - Love and Hate: Dialectical Interaction (annual conference); WSI

20 - Norman Vincent Peale Awards for Postive Thinking Gala Dinner; BPI

21 - Jacques Lacan and Ella Freeman Sharpe: Analysts of a Single Dream (discussion); Contemporary Freudian Society



12, 19 & 26: Your Baby, My Baby, No Baby? Transference/Countertransference Collisions with Reproduction: Going Deeper (seminar); NIP

22-24 - Connecting: Emotional Resilience in a Digital World; ACAP







17-19 - Psychoanalysis, Trauma and Severe Mental Disorders (8th international forum); IFPS

19-20 - On the Subject of Psychiatry and the Subject of Psychoanalysis (colloquium); Apr├Ęs-Coup



9-12 - Psychoanalysis on Ice (conference)



6-8 - Necessary Fictions (annual conference); IFPE