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AIT Call for Papers

NAAP Student PaperThe NAAP Analyst-In-Training (AIT)
Student Writing Award 2019

The AIT Student Paper Award represents the commitment NAAP has to fostering the development of its candidates in training. We recognize that our candidates are extremely talented and advance the field as they train. Their contributions ought to be supported and heard nationally and internationally. Offering an annual student writing award to five candidates is a way for NAAP to acknowledge our admiration and gratitude for the new generation who spearhead the next in the field of psychoanalytic studies and practice.


Calling For Papers

The Analyst-In-Training (AIT) Committee invites all candidates to submit previously published or unpublished papers that promote psychoanalysis or have a psychoanalytic theme. The AIT Committee will select 5 papers based on content and merit to receive an award from NAAP at its annual conference, November 16, 2019. Committee judges are selected from qualified candidate volunteers from NAAP’s member institutes, and guided by senior NAAP members. Click here to see last year’s winners.


Our AIT mission is to cultivate, support, and inspire candidates to foster psychoanalytic ideas, findings, and clinical practice. We provide candidates with networking opportunities and a means to become more comfortable using their voices within the various schools of thought.


We are accepting submissions until July 15th, 2019.


The AIT Committee will announce the selected candidate paper winners at NAAP’s 2019 annual conference. The chosen papers will then be posted to NAAP’s website with the candidate’s bios for the community to access.


Please submit papers to Amanda Lenox, AIT Chair: lenox.amanda@gmail.com, and cc Emily Horvath: naap@naap.org.


If you are a candidate at a NAAP institute and would like to be on the subcommittee for selecting candidate papers for the 2020 call for submission, please contact Amanda Lenox, lenox.amanda@gmail.com