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President’s Message

Welcome to NAAP, the first organization to unite and represent all psychoanalytic schools of thought. We invite you to become active members Pat Bratt, NAAP Presidentof our community to help us understand more about the immediate needs of practitioners and institutes, and to share in the many professional and personal benefits of NAAP. Together we can grow and thrive.


  • PROFESSIONAL ADVOCACY: NAAP’s efforts enabled psychoanalysis to become an independent, licensed profession in New York, and have assisted drives for certification or licensing in other states including New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Connecticut. We are a welcoming resource for questions about legislative or regulatory issues, and maintain collegial relationships with analysts across the United States and in other countries, as well as with our lobbyists, monitoring these issues and taking action as needed.
  • PROFESSIONAL/PERSONAL RESOURCE: NAAP is often called on to help member institutes, and individual members, with practice issues, and referral and insurance questions. Our new, interactive website includes a sophisticated therapist finder for referrals, and active blogs on psychoanalytic issues and advances in contemporary society.
  • COLLEGIAL AND CEU OPPORTUNITIES: NAAP sponsors forums for the exchange of ideas, hosts enriching conferences and workshops––often co-sponsoring for member institutes––and is an approved provider for CEUs for several professions. We publish the NAAP News newsletter and a weekly e-Bulletin, and offer a multitude of practice-building and professional/personal benefits. NAAP helps members develop and maintain ties with a vibrant community of like-minded colleagues through many channels, including a listserv and upcoming, live-streaming webinars and conferences.