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Survey Request

Survey Request


Dear NAAP Institute Leadership,

We hope you are staying well in these unprecedented times.

The double assault of the COVID pandemic and the horrifying events of recent weeks highlighting systemic social injustices have profoundly impacted our community, our institutes and our practices. To address this, and to support our professional community members, NAAP will be holding virtual, Zoom events on Sunday July 12 and 26, 7pm – 8:30pm. Our goals are to connect and get input from everyone, and to initiate dialogue about how the current, distressing social climate can become the catalyst for a transformational moment in our field.

The July 12th meeting will be an opportunity for institute leaders to come together to share experiences of the past few months, both positive and negative, learning from each the various creative ways you’ve adapted. It is a time to connect and for NAAP to assess what further input from the association will be useful. Please see the survey below. Reach out to and designate those from your institute you’d like to attend this meeting, including yourself. We will be in touch re formal registration later this week.

The July 26 meeting will be open to our general membership and will offer an opportunity for institutes to share insights from the experience of the past few months and from the July 12th meeting. It will be a chance for us all to gather in a forum where we can connect, reflect and plan forward.

In addition, NAAP would like to publish a snapshot of how each Institute has been coping with the pandemic in our upcoming Spring/Summer quarterly newsletter. Have you made your events virtual, and if so, how successful has it been? What has been your most significant challenge(s)? What are some tips/advice you might give colleagues? Have you lost many members? How are you handling clinical/treatment service issues? Please complete the survey below by June 26th.

Click here to take the snapshot survey>>

Any questions contact Pat Bratt, patbratt@comcast.net

We look forward to getting together on July 12th.

Stay safe and be well!