Annual Conference


23rd Annual Conference

Assaults on the Psyche:

From Within/Without

New York Law School

Saturday, November 14, 2015


Highlighting this year’s event will be analysts whose work demonstrates the contribution psychoanalysis is making to understanding and coping with the multiple sources that interfere with personal and societal thriving. In addition to our prominent psychoanalytic speakers, the award-winning artist Titus Kaphar will join us as a keynote speaker. While searching for his father's prison records in 2011, Kaphar came across a website with photos of people who have recently been arrested. Dozens of men shared his father’s first name, Jerome, and last name. He has been influenced by the writings of Michelle Alexander and William Julius Wilson on the prison-industrial complex and the government's use of policing and imprisonment to address economic, social, and political problems.  Kaphar's "The Jerome Project"—panels portraying images of the incarcerated men—addresses racial bias in the criminal justice system and the artist's commitment to reducing its social impact on the African American cultural psyche.

 Dr. Michael Eigen is the 2015 recipient of the NAAP Lifetime Achievement Award. The award will be presented at the Gradiva® Banquet. The Gradiva® Awards themselves, much sought after recognition of psychoanalytic contributions to the field and the arts, will be presented during the luncheon. A huge number of outstanding nominees were considered this year and we look forward to learning the results of the committee’s decisions.

NAAP is known for presenting cutting edge topics inspiring discussions crucial to psychoanalytic practice and advancement, and for combining them with opportunities to connect socially with friends and colleagues.


Save the date and join us on Saturday, November 14, for

“Assaults on the Psyche: Within/Without.”