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2019 AIT Awards for Student Writing

2019 Awards for Student Writing

Analyst-In -Training Committee | Amanda Lenox, Alexander Kohen and Nilton Maltz

The Analyst-in-Training (AIT) Committee invited all candidates to submit previously published or unpublished papers that promote psychoanalysis or have a psychoanalytic theme. Winners were announced publicly at the annual NAAP conference just after the Gradiva Awards. 

Our mission is to cultivate, support, and inspire candidates to speak as leaders at forums on psychoanalytic ideas and findings. We want to provide candidates with professional opportunities and to endorse their visions across the various schools of thought.


Lexa Roséan
Unconscious phantasy: Wrestling with the clown
Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies (CMPS)

David Rothauser
Learning to Follow the Contact
Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies (CMPS)

Rhonda R. Sarrazin
The Miraculous Life of St. Catherine Labour: A Psychological Interpretation of Her Dreams and Visions
C.G. Jung Institute of New York (CGJ-NY)

Florence Sicard
Terminal Disease: A Journey Into Madness
Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies (CMPS)

Diane H. Tracey
Strengthening Teacher-Student Relationships via Comparative Psychoanalysis
Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies (CMPS)

Honorable Mention
Mitch Garber
Essay on Transference and Resistance Workshop
Philadelphia School of Psychoanalysis (PSP)