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Executive Committee

Analysts In Training Committee

Conference Committee

Patricia H. Bratt, Chair

Gene Guberman, Secretary

Jennifer Harper, Chair, Psychoanalytic Recognition Committee

Denise Lanes, Treasurer

Jessica Mitchell, Chair, Membership Registration Committee

Douglas F. Maxwell

Farrell Silverberg

Mission: AIT gives a voice to candidates at each member training institute. The group meets once a month, working toward the long-term advancement of psychoanalysis. The committee hosts workshops on such topics as preparing for the licensing exam and building a thriving professional practice, and contributes public relations strategies to the organization. Through their work with AIT, members develop a rich network with other candidates and members as they move forward on their career paths.

Amanda Lenox, Chair 

Vanessa Hannah Bright (IEA)

Jamie Katz (CMPS)

Michael H. Koch (WITPP)

Suhail Mukhtar (BGPI)

Brian Thornton (ACAP)

Sandra Van Hoecke (WSI)

Cherryetta Williams (NAAP liaison)

Priti Doshi   (NIP) 

Mission: To present a current topic of psychoanalytic inquiry that is of major interest to analysts and the general public at the NAAP annual conference. By securing renowned presenters who represent the major schools of psychoanalytic thought, the committee strives to provide an inspirational and exciting event.

Patricia Bratt, Chair

Rachel Laquercia

Mary Massaro

Josie Oppenheim

Margery Quackenbush

Maria Taveras

Annette Vaccaro

Continuing Education Committee

Ethics Committee

Finance Committee

Mission: To provide NAAP members and the larger psychoanalytic community with seminars and workshops on educational or cultural topics that are relevant to psychoanalysis, will advance the profession, and promote professional development. Topics may include new theoretical and clinical perspectives; research findings that validate or challenge psychoanalytic theory and practice; reviews and comparisons of classical psychoanalytic concepts and other existing or developing schools of thought; and artistic and cultural developments relevant to psychoanalysis.

Aryeh Maidenbaum, Co-Chair & Natalie Riccio, Co-Chair

Michael Conforti

Brian Feldman

Dayle Kramer

Francis G. Slocumb

Mission: NAAP maintains a code of psychoanalytic conduct for its members and investigates any questionable behavior by an analyst to ensure that the highest standards of practice are being maintained.

Eileen T. Kaufman, Chair

Christine Durbak

Michael Gerson

Dorothy Kurlander

Gerald Schoenewolf

Elliott Schuman

Mission: To ensure the proper and efficient financial operation of NAAP’s expenses and budget.

Denise Lanes, Chair

Gradiva® Awards Committee

Membership Committee

Membership Registration Committee

Mission: The Gradiva® Awards were inspired by Freud’s Delusions and Dreams in ‘Jensen’s Gradiva’: “Creative writers are valuable allies and their evidence is to be prized highly, for they are apt to know a whole host of things between heaven and earth of which our philosophy has not yet let us dream…they draw upon sources which we have not yet opened up for science.”

Recalling these words, the Gradiva® Awards honor our “valuable allies,” including poets, artists, producers, directors, publishers, and others, who have created works that advance psychoanalysis. Winners receive a handsome brass plaque etched with the image of Gradiva, which is based on a Pompeiian relief similar to one that hung in Freud’s office. An additional award plus a $500 scholarship is given for the best student work that advances psychoanalysis.

Ronald O. Lieber, Chair

Dayle Kramer

Nunzio Gubitosa

Martin Gliserman

Patricia Llosa

Krystyna Sanderson, Chair

Mission: To admit for registration certified psychoanalysts and psychoanalytic psychotherapists who meet all of NAAP’s standards. Develop and maintain the highest standards of training and experience for NAAP applicants. Ensure that applicants have fulfilled NAAP training requirements as part of their institute’s certification process.

Jessica Mitchell, Chair