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2018 Events


April 19
Washington Square Institute (WSI) – Join faculty and candidates and learn more about WSI’s comprehensive 1- and 5- year training programs in psychoanalytic psychotherapy within a psychodynamic framework.

April 20
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Studies Center (PPSC) – Explore PPSC’s full- and part-time 1-year, 3-year, 4-year, License-Qualifying, and Child Training Programs in psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy at our spring open house

April 22
Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy (ICP) – Learn about certificate programs in Eating Disorders, Trauma, Family and Couples, Gender and Sexuality.

May 1
New York Psychoanalytic Society & Institute (NYPSI) – Learn more about NYPSI’s Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Training Program (PPP): a 1-year, certificate-granting, intensive post-graduate training program.


April 19 – The Parallel Process in Supervision: An Experiential Exploration (scientific lecture) – Join Anna Aragno, PhD, Presenter, and Marc E. Angers, MA Oxon., MSW, LCSW, LP, NCPsyA, WSI Dean/Executive Director, at 8 PM. WSI, 1.5 CECs

20-21 – Pediatric Medical Creative Arts Therapy Conference; Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

20 – On Safari With Blue Gazelle: Escapades with Ego and Unconscious, with Michael Jenkins; PPSC, 2 CECs (LMSW & LCSW)

20, 27; 5/4, 11 – Listening with Bion; IPTAR, 7 CECs

24 – Mental & Spiritual Health: A Brilliant History and a Bright Future; BPI

28 – The Analyst’s Self-Disclosure, with Stephen Kuchuck; Stephen Mitchell Relational Study Center, 4.5 CECs (LCSW)

29 – More Than Words: Collaborating with Adjunctive Treatment Modalities, with Patricia Tidwell, Scott Palyo, Heather Ferguson & Kristin Long; IEA, 2 CECs



4 – When the Body Speaks: An Introduction to Somatic Psychotherapy, with Amy Gladstone; PPSC, 2 CECs

4-5 – Trauma-Informed Stabilization Treatment (TIST) in the Treatment of Self-Destructive, Eating Disordered, and Addictive Behaviors, with Janina Fisher; NIP, 13.5 CECs

5 – Empathy and Judgement: An examination of the clinical significance of patients’ extra-therapeutic transferences, with Anna Ornstein & Jacqueline Gotthold; IPSS

10 – Distress Tolerance Skills; ACAP, 1 CEC

18 – A Trans-Psychoanalyst Questioning Harris’s Gender as Soft Assembly in Men’s Locker Rooms: The Rebirth of Shame, with Luc Olivier Charlap; PPSC, 2 CECs


8 – Mother-Son Incest: The Unthinkable Broken Taboo, with Hani Miletski; PPSC, 2 CECs

13 – Approaching Clinical and Consultative Work with “Curiosity” yet “Without Memory and Desire” with Avi Nutkevitch; IPTAR, 3 CECs

21 – The Worm at the Core: On the Role of Death in Life, with Sheldon Solomon; PSP, 2 CECs


26-29 – Psychoanalysis on Ice 2; Psychoanalysis on Ice


31 – Sept. 2 – Repression and Defence; NPSA


21-23 – Performing the World 2018; Performing the World



11-14 – Expressive Therapies Summit New York; Expressive Therapies Summit

11-14 – Diversity Within the Creative Arts Therapies; 20th Nordic Arts Therapies Conference

17-20 – Vienna – Kohut – Self Psychology: Searching for Creativity in Times of Crisis; IAPSP

25-27 – Unsilencing; IFPE


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