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2022 Gradiva® Award Nominees

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Traversing Time and Space: “Radical Link: A New Community of Women, 1855-2020”
Artist: Michal Heiman
Curator: Nancy Nan
Exhibited: 4/22/2022 – 5/22/2022 at The Redbase Art Gallery in Sydney, Australia.
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Pilgrim, Saint, Scholar, and Sinner
Artist: Samanta Batra Mehta
Exhibited: January 2021 – April 2022 at the Shrine Empire Gallery in New Delhi, India.

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Linda Carter – Amazing Grace
Jung Journal: Culture and Psyche. Vol. 15(3), pp. 6 – 35.

Lee Jenkins – Meditation on psychoanalysis, race, and the divided self.
The Psychoanalytic Review. Vol. 109(1), pp. 13 – 30.

Amir Kohen – “I am not there. I did not die.” On a future psychodynamic treatment paradigm for combat trauma, moral injury and war psychoses.
Modern Psychoanalysis. Vol.45(2), pp. 89-143.

Lara Lagutina – Meeting the orphan: Early relational trauma, synchronicity and the psychoid.
Journal of Analytical Psychology. Vol 66(1), pp. 5-27.

Jon Mills – Dialectics and developmental trauma: How toxic introjects affect attachment.
Psychoanalytic Social Work. Vol. 28(2), pp. 115-133.

Mark Winborn – Whispering at the edges: Engaging ephemeral phenomena.
The Journal of Analytical Psychology. Vol. 67 (1), pp. 363–374.


Galit Atlas
Emotional Inheritance: A Therapist, Her Patients, and the Legacy of Trauma

Richard Frankel & Victor J. Krebs
Human Virtuality and Digital Life: Philosophical and Psychoanalytic Investigations

Ahron Friedberg & Sandra Sherman
Through a Screen Darkly: Psychoanalytic Reflections During the Pandemic

Jacob Johanssen
Fantasy, Online Misogyny and the Manosphere: Male bodies of Dis/Inhibition

Howard B. Levine
Affect, Representation, and Language: Between the Silence and the Cry

Nancy McWilliams
Psychoanalytic Supervision

Thomas H. Ogden
Coming to Life in the Consulting Room: Toward a New Analytic Sensibility

Cosimo Schinaia
Psychoanalysis and Ecology: The Unconscious and the Environment


Stefano Carpani
Anthology of Contemporary Clinical Classics in Analytic Psychology: The New Ancestors   & Anthology of Contemporary Theoretical Classics in Analytic Psychology: The New Ancestors

Shaul Bar-Haim, Elizabeth Sarah Coles, and Helen Tyson
Wild Analysis: From the Couch to Cultural and Political Life

Orit Badouk Epstein
Shame Matters: Attachment and Relational Perspectives for Psychotherapists

Caron Harrang, Drew Tillotson, and Nancy C. Winters
Body as Psychoanalytic Object: Clinical Applications from Winnicott to Bion and Beyond

Jon Mills
Psychoanalysis and the Mind-Body Problem

Christian Salas, Oliver Turnbull, and Mark Solms
Clinical Studies in Neuropsychoanalysis Revisited

Joanne Stubley and Linda Young
Complex Trauma: The Tavistock Model