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2020 Gradiva® Award Nominees


The ‘Mercurius Vivus’ Series:

  • “Blessed Greenness” 17”x 11” x 4” , collaged elements, encaustic & oil stick.
  • “Prima Materia”, 12” x 13” , ashes and oil stick on lead.
  • “Lapis”, 8” x 11” , collage & oil stick on burnt, folded copper.
  • “Nigredo”, 10” x 9”, copper, collage & oil pastel on handmade paper.
  • “Vessel”, 12”x 13”x 8”:, ceramic, rope, encaustic & oil stick.
  • “This”, 9”x 12”, pastel, oil pastel, ink, gold leaf, canvas & glass on paper.
  • LABspace Gallery in Hillside, New York.
    By Sarah Jackson

The True Self Project: An Exhibit of the True Self in Art
By Marythelma Brainard Ransom


Anna Aragno – Semiotic realms: Codes, language, mind. A psychoanalytic perspective
BioSystems, 40, 21 – 29.

Lisa Cataldo – Where God is between us: Religious experience, surrender, and the third in clinical perspective, Psychoanalytic Perspectives, 16(2), 113 – 133.

Esin Egit – I’ve never been that traditional domestic Turkish woman”: Self, culture, and the dissociative mind, Contemporary Psychoanalysis, 56(1), 57-86.

Ofra Eshel – The Vanished last scream: Winnicott and Bion
The Psychoanalytic Quarterly, 88(1), 111 – 140.

Rebecca Harrington – Childless
Psychoanalytic Dialogues, 29(1), 35 – 50.

Jon Mills – Dysrecognition and social pathology: New directions in critical theory
Psychoanalysis, Culture & Society, 24(1), 15- 30.

Shalini Masih – Devil! Sing me the blues: Story of a life struggling to be born
In H.S. Escalante (Ed.), Rethinking the relation between women and psychoanalysis: Loss, mourning, and the feminine, pp. 55 – 74.


Fanny Brewster – The Racial Complex: A Jungian Perspective on Culture and Race

Dan Gilhooley & Frank Toich – Psychoanalysis, Intersubjective Writing, and a Postmaterialist Model of Mind: I Woke Up Dead

Elizabeth Howell – Trauma and Dissociation Informed Psychotherapy: Relational Healing and the Therapeutic Connection

Danielle Knafo & Rocco Lo Bosco – The New Sexual Landscape and Contemporary Psychoanalysis

Paul Marcus – The Psychoanalysis of Overcoming Suffering: Flourishing Despite Pain

Iain McGilchrist – Ways of Attending: How Our Divided Brain Constructs the World

Koichi Togashi – The Psychoanalytic Zero: A Decolonizing Study of Therapeutic Dialogues


Stephanie R. Brody & Frances Arnold – Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Women and Their Experience of Desire, Ambition, and Leadership

Pamela Cooper – White & Felicity Brock Kelcourse – Sabina Spielrein and the Beginnings of Psychoanalysis: Image, Thought, and Language

Patricia Gherovici & Christopher Christian – Psychoanalysis in the Barrios: Race, Class, and the Unconscious

Suzanne Gieser – Dream Symbols of the Individuation Process: Notes of C. G. Jung’s Seminars on Wolfgang Pauli’s Dreams

Andreas Hamburger, Camellia Hancheva, Saime Ozcurumez, Carmen Scher, Biljana Stanković and Slavica Tutnjević – Forced Migration and Social Trauma: Interdisciplinary Perspectives from Psychoanalysis, Psychology, Sociology and Politics

Plinio Montagna & Adrienne Harris – Psychoanalysis, Law, and Society


Jack Saul – Moral Injuries of War


Honorable Mentions:

Kurt M. Hanus – The Patient-Provider Treatment Alliances in Tele-mental Health: Perspective of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists

Alexander Sierck – At-one-ment with Oneself and the World: The Ethical Imperative of the Analytic Attitude