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Congratulations to the
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Dear All,
I hope this finds you healthy and weathering this crisis situation as well as possible.
Based on a communication from David Hamilton from the NYSED we want to apprise you of the following. Please see the attached FAQ document for the exact language.
NYSED…”updated the COVID-19 SW MHP FAQs late yesterday, based on the Regents approval of emergency regulations. I have attached that section and highlighted the changes. Please update any responses that you might have saved and be familiar with these changes. Also, they apply to supervision for LCSW and the four mental health professions; supervision for the R is not changed and always allowed alternative means by a supervisor licensed and registered in NY.
Supervision still has to meet the requirements in regulation for content and purpose, including discussing the case, Therefore, text and email is not an appropriate means. However, the duration and frequency (e.g., 1 hour/week) can be modified, to become more or less frequent and for shorter or longer periods. The supervisor remains responsible for each patient seen, as stated in the first paragraph of that answer.
The Department will accept changes to NYSED registered programs in social work that reduce field hours, as stated in #16. This does not state, but implies, that individuals who graduate from a CSWE program in 2020 outside NY will meet the Education requirements for LMSW. As now, EVERY applicant from out-of-state must undergo an individual transcript evaluation for LCSW and this adjustment will be factored in, at that time, by CompEd. It does not change any of the other content requirements for LMSW or LCSW.
There are no changes to the education requirements for the mental health professions, except to allow distance supervision of interns in an approved placement under a licensed supervisor.
We continue to review and update the information on the COVID-19 page, including links to Executive Orders that affect the professions. We have NOT updated the “usual” instructions on our site, as those will be in effect after the pandemic. Therefore, your members and colleagues should look first at the instructions for licensure, FAQs about education and examination, as well as the COVID-19 site for updates.” 
David Hamilton, Ph.D. LMSW ACSW
Executive Secretary at New York State Education Department
Please review and discuss with your institutes, students and supervisors. NYSED expressed concern about helping candidates nearing completion of training successfully complete their required clinical hours.
Stay well!
Patricia Bratt
President, NAAP


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Congratulations to the 2019 Award for Student Writing Winners!


The Vision Award was conceived by NAAP as a special honor to be bestowed on a psychoanalyst who has made an outstanding contribution to psychoanalysis and its impact on the life of individuals and the community. The award is presented during NAAP’s annual conference, which takes place each fall in New York City.

In 2016, NAAP was delighted to recognize the vision of Stephen Soldz, PhD, and Steven Reisner, PhDClick here to learn more>>

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