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Analysts In Training

Analysts In Training

Mission: NAANAAP Analysts in TrainingP’s Analysts in Training (AIT) Committee gives a voice to candidates at each NAAP training institute in the national organization. The group meets once a month, working toward the longterm advancement of the psychoanalytic profession. The committee hosts workshops on how to prepare for the licensing exam and how to build a thriving professional practice. The group develops content for the NAAP website and contributes public relations strategies to the organization. Through working with the committee, group members develop a network of professional connections with candidates and NAAP members as they move forward in their career paths.


Current Members

Warren Holt, Chair (NPAP)

Vanessa Hannah Bright (IEA)

Jamie Katz (CMPS)

Michael H. Koch (WITPP)

Suhail Mukhtar (BGPI)

Brian Thornton (ACAP)

Sandra Van Hoecke (WSI)

Cherryetta Williams (NAAP liaison)

Priti Doshi   (NIP)