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Gradiva Committee Members

Dear NAAP Members, and Institute Directors


Each year, NAAP acknowledges the literary and artistic achievements of those who have created works that represent and promote psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. Publishers enjoy the recognition of their authors, foundations of their artists, and production companies of their directors.


The NAAP Gradiva Committee welcomes applications for qualified, new committee members/judges who can be added to the roster for this year’s review of materials submitted, selection of winners, and general committee work. Awards for works completed/published January, 2018 through April 30, 2019, will be presented at the Gradiva Luncheon during the NAAP 2019 conference on November 9.


Qualifications for interested committee members can include:

  • A general ability to read critically as evidenced in prior work.
  • Psychoanalytic teaching experience.
  • Publishing, or publication background.
  • Film production, or involvement in assessment of films, plus a psychoanalytic background.
  • Art curating, teaching, or critical review, plus a psychoanalytic background.
  • An in person meeting with the Committee Chair and another Committee member to review what is involved in the committee’s tasks, and to make sure it is a good fit for all.
  • Full Psychoanalytic membership in NAAP (required).


The NAAP Board of Trustees recently decided to open the Gradiva committee to applications from institute students. These will be consulting internships, not voting seats. On graduation students are eligible to apply for a full voting seat on the committee.


Qualifications for interested student committee members can include the criteria above, with candidate membership in NAAP required.


Those interested in working with this lively, and well-respected group should submit a letter indicating their interest, along with a resume, and a very brief statement about what they believe they can bring to the committee. Information should be sent to: Ron Lieber, ronaldlieber@gmail.com, and cc’d to Patricia Bratt, patbratt@comcast.net, and Emily Horvath at Horvath naap@naap.org


Thank you,

Patricia Bratt

NAAP President


Ronald Lieber

Gradiva Committee Chair