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Vision Award

Vision Award at NAAP

NAAP’s Vision Award

The VISION AWARD was conceived as a special award to be presented to a psychoanalyst or psychoanalysts who the Awards Committee and Board of Trustees feel have made an outstanding contribution to psychoanalysis and its impact on the life of individuals and the community.

This unusual award is an original piece of fine art crafted by sculptor and NAAP member Robert Wolf. It is a contemporary representation of psychoanalysis and the holding space that makes healing possible.

The beautiful sculpture has become NAAP’s “Oscar,” our symbol for the contribution that psychoanalysis has made to the world. In past years the award has been given for contributions to psychoanalysis and art, religion and spirituality, psychoanalytic theory, and psychoanalysis and the treatment of the narcissistic disorders; for the creation of a masters program in psychoanalysis, the creation of a license in psychoanalysis, and the crafting of the Vision Award; and to psychoanalysts who defended psychoanalysis in New Jersey from legislative threat.

Please click here to see the 2016 Vision Award Winners.