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Rigorous Study Finds Antidepressants Worsen Long-Term Outcomes

A new study conducted by Jeffrey Vittengl at Truman University has found that taking antidepressant medications resulted in more severe depression symptoms after nine years.

The study, published in Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, examined outcomes over a nine-year period and included initial depression severity as well as other factors. Vittengl divided treatment into categories and compared them to those who received no treatment:

  • inadequate treatment without medication (fewer than eight sessions of therapy)
  • inadequate treatment including medication (fewer than four appointments with prescriber)
  • adequate treatment without medication (at least eight sessions of therapy)
  • adequate treatment with medication (at least four appointments with prescriber)

Of participants with depression, 38.1% received no treatment, 25.2% received inadequate treatment with medication, while 13.5% received adequate treatment with medication. 19.2% received inadequate treatment without medication, and only 4.1% received adequate treatment without medication. More.

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